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More than just a crime fiction, the noir explores how amoral protagonists deal with a corrupt world where everyone has fallen. The genre that thrived in the war-torn 40s and the tumultuous 70s, has made a comeback in the past years. Respectively the authors of bestsellers Sirens and The Lost and the Damned, Joseph Knox and Olivier Norek have played a major part in this revival. In a discussion chaired by Ayo Otanade, they tell us what makes the noir genre so riveting and what its resurgence tells about our era. The discussions will be interspersed with readings by actor David Mildon.

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Chambre 413, Joseph Knox translated by Fabienne Gondrand, published by Le Masque
The Lost and the Damned, Olivier Norek (translated by Nick Caistor, published by MacLehose Press)
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